I’m Lucy

a teacher and eternal student of yoga!

I became immersed in yoga in my twenties, as if waking up to what was truly going on! I don’t know what took me so long to discover this timeless and vital practice.

I have been fortunate to live in London, Paris, Asia and now the beautiful Kent countryside and wherever I go, I seek out the local yoga on offer to continue my own learning.

Through my teaching at Yoga By Lucy, I can offer you the courage, foundations and insight to embrace your own yoga journey. My hope is to guide people to cultivate deeper self-awareness and to ignite a spark for living life with a clear purpose.

Yoga is my constant

It uplifts me when I feel integrated and whole. It supports me when I feel vulnerable or fragmented.

It constantly reminds me of its potency and the myriad ways it benefits us. I always strive for a work-life balance between my teaching, my family, my own self-care (and my dog!).

What inspires me to do what I do?

I am passionate about the endless physical and mental powers of yoga that infiltrate into all strands of life, transforming it for the better. I completed my teacher training in 2017 and continue to be humbled by the opportunity to teach and gain the trust of my students.

Over the years, I have explored several yoga styles and traditions; I teach all I love and find helpful in these styles, fused with the more dynamic, freestyle approach of my training.  

I’ve enjoyed the privilege of truly inspirational yoga teachers and am grateful for the way they have shaped both my life and my own teaching. 

I am committed to exploring and meeting individual needs to make yoga a fun, engaging learning environment for all levels of student.

Following pregnancy, Lucy’s yoga has enabled my body to heal and strengthen without being overly demanding. After five months with Lucy, I was bitten by the yoga bug and extended my personal practice.

A year later, I would go as far as to say that I am in better condition than before I had a baby!

The structure of Lucy’s class forces me to slow and quiet down from the busy pace of my everyday life and makes me practise aspects of yoga (such as breath work) that I don’t incorporate into self-practice.

Caroline, Sevenoaks