Menopause Yoga

My aim is to reassure midlife women that you are not alone on this journey.

So often a lack of information and support surrounding the menopause leads to feelings of confusion, loneliness or frustration, combined with exhaustion, physical discomfort or ill health. If you don’t know where to begin or have tried many things that aren’t working, I’m here to help!

I am specifically trained in Menopause Yoga, a style of yoga to help women manage the main symptoms, from peri to post-menopause, with a positive approach that views the menopause as an opportunity for self-insight, personal growth and empowerment. The structure is designed as a journey together through the stages of the menopause which are linked to the seasons of a woman’s life, accompanied by simple yoga, breath techniques, meditation practice and deep relaxation.

My Menopause Yoga workshops and Sleep Clinics provide a safe space for small groups of women to share a wealth of practical advice, resources and emotional support. The physical yoga practice is suitable with or without previous yoga experience.

Bespoke private workshops in-person or online, available upon request.

It is really important that menopausal women consider ways to improve their future bone, heart and brain health and certainly yoga will help with all of these
Dr Louise Newson, Newson Health Clinic


‘Menopause Yoga Uncovered’ Workshop

Saturday 24th February 9.00-11.15am

Shoreham Village Hall

A safe space for a small group of women to share a wealth of practical advice, resources and emotional support. The morning combines movement, theory and relaxation. What you’ll learn:
. What is Menopause Yoga and how can it help you?
. Yoga sequences and relaxation techniques to manage many menopause symptoms.
. You’re not alone: the importance of reassurance, sharing and empowerment.

. Balancing yoga with other lifestyle choices during menopause.


Cost: £35 (includes tea, homemade snack and resources booklet)

Sleep Clinic for Menopause

“If you think a good night’s sleep is nothing but a dream…”
Would you like to experience my next workshop in a small, semi-private group of like-minded ladies in my tranquil home studio? A nourishing evening to learn soothing yoga sequences, breath techniques and meditation all designed to aid rest. Plus a sharing circle so you’re not alone on this journey with my actionable ‘relax hacks’ to incorporate into your daily life and calming sleep products to try and take home. For all stages of the menopause and all levels of yoga.

Create your own private Menopause Yoga Workshop or Class

Up to 6 friends can combine to enjoy a totally bespoke workshop or classes in my tranquil home studio in Shoreham Village or I can match you with like-minded souls. Theme suggestions: hot flushes/hot emotions, osteoporosis prevention, sleep disruption and more. Tailor-made to sooth your own symptoms and benefit your own personal midlife journey. For all stages of the peri- to post-menopause and all levels of yoga. Dates and times to suit your schedule.

If you’re struggling with the menopause, curious about it and want to take a more active approach to this new stage in life, I really recommend Lucy’s workshops.

Lucy is supportive, kind and very well informed, the yoga was restorative and it was great to be with a group of women in the same boat. I learnt so much and I left feeling lifted in mind and body

Elie, Shoreham